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All business regarding the BrailleDoodle is being handled by our 501c3 Non-Profit Foundation. 
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The BrailleDoodle is an inexpensive and high-quality device for:

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The BrailleDoodle has an array of hundreds of holes, placed tightly together, that covers the surface.
Each hole contains a tiny element that can be pulled to the surface by a magnetic stylus and locked into  place to create a touchable effect. The user erases a creation by pushing the elements back down with a satisfying “pop.”  

The Braille Cover

The BrailleDoodle will also a cover with dozens of evenly spaced rectangular cut outs.

Now each rectangle is a Braille cell!

Employement Rates

Graph of 30% employed 90% know braille

Nothing motivates children to learn as effectively as when learning as they play. Due to the pandemic, instruction, as we know it, may be affected indefinitely. Therefore, the BrailleDoodle is urgently needed.

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