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Description of the BrailleDoodle- The BrailleDoodle is a device about an iPad’s size; only it is made in hard dark blue plastic. There is an array of hundreds of holes, placed tightly together, that covers the surface. Each hole contains a tiny element that can be pulled to the surface by a magnetic stylus and locked into place to create a touchable effect. The user erases a creation by pushing the elements back down with a satisfying “pop.” On the surface of the BrailleDoodle is a touchable small house, a big letter H, and the word house in braille. The Braille Cover can slides over the BrailleDoodle and now dozens of rectangular cutouts cover the surface. Each rectangle is a braille cell. To learn and practice braille.



Description of the TouchPad Pro. The tablet resembles a large iPad turned on its side horizontally. The majority of the surface is made up of over 2000 pins that raise and lower to different heights to form tactile images, multiple lines of braille, or a touch-sensitive Braille keyboard. It is called a tactile and visual display because the pins contain characteristics that make them light up in various colors. Pictured drawing a bright blue line on the display is an electronically connected stylus, resembling a fat pen. Buttons on the stylus allow it to change instantly from drawing to erasing and may have other functions like shape-making. Above the display is a full line of refreshable braille cells like that of a BrailleNote. To either side of the line of braille cells are stereo speakers. Above the tactile display and line of braille, at 12 o’clock is a front-facing multi-Lens 3D camera and microphone. At 6 o’clock, below the display, is a home button and power button. In the left-hand corner is scrolling and selecting the device. To the left side of the display are 9 buttons with refreshable Braille indicators that can serve different functions.

Another picture on the features page: Along the left edge of the TouchPad Pro are 2 USB ports, a mini-USB port, and a headphone jack. On the top edge is a stylus storage place and a power Jack. On the right edge, there are 3 rocking buttons, including a brightness adjustment, a contrast adjustment, a saturation adjustment so people with visual impairments can adjust the screen to best suit their needs. Centered on the back of the device is an LED flash, a front-facing multi-lens 3D camera, and a microphone. The TouchPad Pro will be able to take stills or moving images and change them into tactile images on the screen. Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions!

Description of the TouchPad Pro as a Reader and Note-Taker. One TouchPad Pro with 12 lines of braille on display. Another is 7 lines of braille with a braille keyboard rising up from the device.

The Braille Cloud description- The Braille Cloud is a fun cloud-shaped device with rounded sides. There is a line of jumbo braille cells along the bottom and standard braille cells at the center, and they are Refreshable braille cells. A Perkins-style braille keyboard is made for smaller hands is on the lower part of the cloud and small speakers on either side. The braille version of a letter would be electronically displayed in the jumbo refreshable braille cell and the standard-sized braille cell simultaneously. There is an upper row of large braille cells that allows someone to create braille characters. These ‘MagnaBraille’ cells use only a magnetic stylus and tiny metal or magnetized tactile elements. A pen-like stylus is above the device. The magnetic stylus allows users to make braille letters, numbers, words, and short sentences. There is also a game-type controller with clear up, down, right, left, and a select button, center, is on the lower left. 

Description of the BrailleDoodle Prototype – A set of three pictures are of the Prototype of the BrailleDoodle. Its red with silver spheres and has a white stylus. In the first picture, on the surface, there is a tactile picture of a house. The second picture demonstrates how the braille sleeve slides over the device. The final picture is with the Braille Sleeve in place. It shows for rows of six braille cells with the braille letters ‘a’ through ‘f’ on two of the rows.)

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