TouchPad Pro Assistive Technology has developed the BrailleDoodle

TouchPad Pro Assistive Technology, (TPPAT) has developed the BrailleDoodle, a simple, high-quality device made with plastics, springs, and magnets. The devices focus on: tactile art, braille literacy, technology, and expanding inclusive opportunities. The company wants to create devices that will change the landscape of assistive technology for the blind, deaf-blind, and low-vision community. Daniel Lubiner […]

BrailleDoodle inventor: Tablet for the blind is a ‘revolutionary’ teaching tool

A teacher at the New York Institute for Special Education in the Bronx says his invention can be a revolutionary teaching tool for students around the world.Daniel Lubiner invented a tablet for the blind and visually impaired that will help them perform necessary tasks in schools.”It all started about five years ago when I was […]

Making Braille Literacy & Tactile Art Accessible & Affordable

CANE ENABLED | Audio Interview With Daniel Lubiner Editor’s Note: For this edition of Cane EnAbled, Bold Blind Beauty is thrilled to showcase one of our own. Daniel Lubiner is not only the creator of our Beyond Sight Magazine covers, but he is also a member of our Global Advisory Board. In today’s segment, Daniel […]

TouchPad Pro | Assistive Technology Reimagined

CANE ENABLED An Art Teacher for the Blind and Low-Vision Just Wants To Change… Everything. Originally published March 1, 2020 in CAPTIVATING! Magazine A device in the works will bring to life the much sought-after tactile display offering both a full-page of Braille and touchable multi-level, full-color illustrations. The TouchPad Pro ( will change the entire landscape […]