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Assistive Technology


Our Vision of the Future

Capacity to Learn and Use Braille Anywhere

A Fulfilling Career

An Equal and Inclusive Education

A Focus on Affordability

The ability to experience and Create Tactile Art


To make braille literacy, technology, and tactile art affordable and accessible with revolutionary products.

The TouchPad Pro

Please enjoy this preview of The TouchPad Pro


  • Experience illustrations, graphs, photographs, and selfies – Feel a face rise out of the surface with the contours of the nose, the eyes the cheeks.
  • Read and write anywhere with 12 lines of Braille.
  • Experience the Internet like never before. 
  • View, feel and zoom in on a full-color tactile display.
  • Use a specialized stylus to instantly create, touch, and save tactile drawings with multi-sensory feedback.

Development has begun! We are working with the renowned company, Boston Engineering.

“As explained on, the nature of this endeavor is aligned with our company’s passion.  We have a legacy of taking nascent technologies and leveraging them into viable commercial products.”
 –Andrew Celentano, Senior Innovation Consultant, Boston Engineering.

Helping Those With Low Vision

Other than magnifiers, there is little AT to meet the needs of people with limited vision.
Imagine enhanced visual imaging with bright, colorful illuminated illustrations  combined with tactile graphics.
TouchPad Pro Display with Stylus

ART on the TouchPad Pro

TPPAT will bring the world of art to millions of people.
Experience a piece like Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night in a whole new way. Imagine being able to touch the stars, the moon, the wind, and the trees.
TouchPad Pro with Braille and Keyboard

Incredible Advancements In Braille

With the touch of a button, the TouchPad Pro can display multiple lines of Braille.
Also, the display can take the form of a touch-sensitive braille keyboard, instantly transforming the Touch-Pad Pro into an advanced writing or note-taking device with multiple lines of Braille.
TouchPad Pro Showing cell diagram

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Enabling the blind to experience:

* Graphs
* Calculus with slopes and curves
* Engineering - from "White Board" to DFM
* Labled Diagrams
* Illustrations
girl holding the touch pad pro
Average American and Blind Low Vision Comparison Chart

The Education and the employment statistics for the blind and low vision are distressing.

See What People are Saying

See What People are Saying

Meet our professionals

Short Haired Caucasian Male Smiling

Daniel Seth

Founder and CEO

Teacher for the blind and low-vision in the Bronx, New York, where these concepts came to fruition. Special Education Teacher with over 25 years of experience, artist, and inventor.

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African-American man with short black hair

Brian K.

                 President and                      Chief Operating Officer

Over 20 years of experience in sales of high-tech and SaaS solution platforms. Held sales and leadership roles at high-performing organizations like ADP, Volt Information Sciences, Pegasystems, Zift Solutions, and iCIMS. Brian has a proven track record of growing company revenues, consulting services, sales process, P&L, and C-Suite engagements.


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Woman with long dark hair and glasses

Tara Raj

Chief Experience Consultant

Designed and developed new and evolving products in ed-tech and health tech with a human and performance-centered approach across all stages of R&D and scales from early-stage startups to multinational corporations like Siemens and GE.

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Middle Aged Male with Glasses

Andrew Celentano

Senior Engineering Consultant

Boston Engineering – Solid background in Technical Innovation. Previous CEO of a small technology company. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Electrical Engineering and Hardware Design

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Our Board of Advisors

Smiling man with glasses

Shivan Bassaw

Director of Communications &  Advisory Board Member

MBA candidate, 2012. Business professional with experience in varying industries


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woman with long black hair

Eurydice MoMo

Advisory Board Member

A congenitally totally blind language instructor and interpreter. Fluent in Japanese and English. Expert in Assistive Technology. Consultant at various tech companies. Echolocator. Braille expert

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Woman with long brown hair, smiling, wearing glasses and earrings.

Nasreen Bhutta

Board Secratary

“Visually-impaired advocate for inclusivity in business.” CCO- Expertise in Administration, Assistive Technology, CEO – Project Starfish ⇨Helping today’s disabled become tomorrow’s workforce.

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Middle Aged Caucasian male with Glasses Smiling

Mark Frey

Advisory Board Member

Managed and expanded corporate enterprise relationships, within a portfolio of 110-130 publicly traded companies. toward mutual partnership and success. SaaS Technology and NYSE experience.

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